Manungso Lawas

Human Way of Life

The human way of life is changed over the time. Most scholars considered that hunting and gathering was the oldest of human way of life. According to 1583 for more than 99% of their history humans did this way of life. Their opinion was based on ethnographic and archaeological data

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# With regards to diet, what students of human evolution and advocates of evolutionary medicine need most from paleoprimatologists is an estimate of the nutritional pattern likely to have characterized the last common ancestor of apes and humans -a hypothetical species thought to have existed in Africa between 7 and 5 Mya [1596:7]

# Protein would have contributed a greater proportion of tota; energy than it does for most contemporary humans, but with much more from vegetable sources than from animal sources (Popovich 1997) [1596:8]

# Simple carbohydrate intake would have been less than at present, coming mainly from fruit. Littel or none came from refined flour and sugar, leading sources for current humans [1596:8]


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