Manungso Lawas


[5jun12Sl VBM]
# The exostosis on mandible and maxilla, also known as mandibular and maxillar tori, or hyperostosis, was taken as evidence of masticatory stress [1447:18]

# Exostosis was scored independently at two locations: on the lingual portion of the mandible (torus mandibularis) (Fig.1), and on the buccal portion of the maxilla (buccal exostoses) (Fig. 2) [1447:18]

# Based on morphology, the exostosis was classified as mild, moderate, or severe. A mild score corresponded to nodules, or intermittent rather than complete ridges (Fig. 1A). Continuous ridges with a thickness of less than 1 cm were given a moderate score. A severe score was assigned only to a maxilla or a mandible in which ridges were over 1 cm thick (Fig. 1B) [1447:18]
^^ Dental wear


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