Gunung Padang, Cianjur

Cianjur is a small town located in West Java. Its region, in terms of archaeological context, is one of the places where we can find many remains of megalithic culture as such stepped terrace, flat stone, menhir, bullet shaped stone, rice mortar etc. According to Sukerdar (1985), the Megalitic structure in Cianjur region is closely related to those found in South Banten (territory of the Baduy ethnic group).

One of the interesting megalithic cultures in Cianjur region is the stepped terrace that have been found in some places i.e. Ciranjang, Lemahduhur, Pasirmanggu and gunungPadang. The existence of this stepped terrace in Cianjur region was firstly reported by N.J.Krom in 1914.

One of the important stepped terraces in Cianjur region is located in gunung Padang. This site is located in Cimenteng village, subdistric Campaka, about 50 km southwest Cianjur town.

The stepped terrace in gunung Padang is situated on the hill about 885 m above sea level, northwest-southeast in direction. This hill is surrounded by the valleys and hills suh as PsrGombong and PsrPogor (northwest side), PsrMalang (northeast side), PsrEmpat and PsrKaruhun (southwest side) and gnMelati (southeast side).

The existence of stepped terrace in gnPadang was based on the report from some local peoples in 1979.


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