Research location

Loc-1 sd 3:
Pb: bx tufaan, lava btpsr, konglo tdd bx andesit, basal, lava, btpsr tufaan & konglo. Membnt punggung2 tak teratur, kadang2 sangat curam
[Silitonga, P.H. 1973.Geological map of the Bandung quadrangle, Java. Geological Survey of Indonesia, Bandung]

^^ Pasir Impun
^^ Pager Sari
^^ Pager Sari1
^^ Merak Dampit
^^ Merak Dampit1
^^ Merak Dampit2
^^ Cagar alam Karsam
^^ Bojong Menje
^^ Gunung Padang
^^ Cikadal Meteng
^^ Gunung Sodong
^^ Tambak Romo
^^ Geoarchaeology
^^ Paleotsunami
^^ Stonehenge


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