Manungso Lawas

GLOM 2006.03

In the middle of March 2006, four isolated deciduous teeth of Homo were accidentally found by a local farmer nearby Glagah Ombo village of northern Sangiran. Geologically, the specimens were found on the calcareous sandy-clayey soil of the Grenzbank zone of Bapang (Kabuh) Formation. Later, these specimens were labeled as GLOM (acronym from Glagah Ombo) 2006.03; consist of GLOM 1 (right upper deciduous first incisor), GLOM 2 (left lower deciduous first molar), GLOM 3 (right upper deciduous second molar), and GLOM 4 (left upper deciduous second molar).

In this study, we compared the GLOM 2, GLOM 3 and GLOM 4 with two of von Koenigswald’s collections that are FS 67 and FS 7-13, which it is now housed at the Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt (Germany).

The crown shape index of GLOM 2 is similar to that of H.habilis and FS 67, but differs from the other specimens. However, in the context of size the GLOM 2 is similar to the sizes of FS 67 and H.erectus’s specimens. The size of FS 7-13 is comparable to GLOM 4 rather than GLOM 3. But, based on the crown shape index FS 7-13 falls within the limit of GLOM 3 and GLOM 4.

Non-metrical comparison shows that GLOM 2 differs from FS 67 in the number of cusps, the configuration on trigonid versus talonid, the trigonid’s shape, the arrangement of protoconid against the metaconid and in the aspect of tuberculum molare. Meanwhile, GLOM 3 and GLOM 4 differ from FS 7-13 in the aspect of the biggest and smallest cusp; the position of the small cusp on the mesial cusp; configuration of distal marginal ridge and distal trigon crest.

Arif, J., R.Kapid, Y.Kaifu, H.Baba, M.Abdurrahman. 2007. Announcement of GLOM 2006.03: four deciduous human teeth from Sangiran, Central Java, Indonesia. In: Recent advances on Southeast Asian Paleoanthropology and Archaeology (Editor: E.Indriati). Proceeding of the International Seminar on Southeast Asian Paleoanthropology, Laboratory of Bioanthropology and Paleoanthropology, Faculty of Medicine, Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, pp.140-150.

Univ of Mainz, 10 December 2009


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