Manungso Lawas

GTK 1: A skeleton from Gua Teluk Kelelawar, Lenggong, dated 8400 BP

In this paper we talked about the prehistoric human skeleton, so called GTK 1 (GTK is abbreviation of Gua Teluk Kelelawar), dated 8,400 + 40 bp. It was found toward the end of the 2004 March-April excavation season when two student of the Center for Archaeological Research Malaysia of the University of Science Malaysia hit upon a mandible a few human teeth in trench J at a depth of about 100 cm.

Gua Teluk Kelelawar, a rock shelter in the Bukit Kepala Gajah limestone massif, is located approximately one kilometer from the town of Lenggong in the state of Perak, Malaysia peninsula. Gua Teluk Kelelawar is also located in the vicinity of an important cave, Gua Gunung Runtuh, where te Perak man was discovered in 1990.

The skeleton is partially damaged by the rock-fall. The skull and postcranial bones were fragile. Only parts of the face bone were preserved: part of the browridge, zygomatic bone and the palate. Approximately less than 20 of the postcranial bones were preserved, and this was largely the upper and lower limb bones.

Based on diagnostic features of the head of the femur and humerus as well as the eye orbit and supraorbital ridge, GTK 1 was a female. She was about 143-151 cm tall. The dental wear suggests that she died between 45-50 years old. We could not determine the cause of death as the skeleton was in very poor condition. The osteological remains did not indicate any physical cause of death.

Our study showed that the skeleton was of Australo-Melanesoid stock, just like Perak man. This was apparent in an examination of the teeth, face shape, cranium and palate. The bones and teeth indicate a diet rich in fibre consumed during her entire life.

Majid, Z., J.Arif, A.R.Samsuddin, Nizam, A.Lim, M.Saidin, J.Abdullah, S.Chia. 2005. GTK 1: A skeleton from Gua Teluk Kelelawar, Lenggong, dated 8,400 + 40 bp. In: The Perak man & other prehistoric skeletons of Malaysia (Ed. Zuraina Majid), University of Science Malaysia Press


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