Geology n Paleontology


Osborn’s present classification of the family of Elephantidae as follows:

Family: Elephantidae
a) Subfamily Stegodontinae: Stegodon FALCONER, Stegolophodon SCHLESINGER (= Prostegodon MATSUMOTO)
b) Subfamily Loxodontinae: Loxodonta F.CUVIER, Paleoloxodon MATSUMOTO, Sivalikia OSBORN
c) Subfamily Mammontinae: Mammonteu CAMPER (northern mammoths),Parelephas OSBORN (trogontherian mammoths), Archidiskodon POHLIG (southern mammoths)
d) Subfamily Elephantinae: Elphas LINNAEUS

Van der Maarel, F.H. 1932. Contribution to the knowledge of the fossil mammalian fauna of Java. Wetenschappelijke Mededeelingen, no.15, Dienst van den Mijnbouw in Nederlandsch-Indie


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