[15jun11R di k.Jaya & 14jan14Sl vbm mauild nabi saw]Luk-ulo or Lok-ulo is a name of river which flow through Kr.Sambung, Kebumen, Central Java. Its head occurs at xxxx & it empties to Indian ocean in the South

The occurence of this river provides many benefit for the communities reside on surrounding of Luk-ulo river especially its sediments of sand and gravel. Yes, those are alluvial deposits which they mine it mostly in dry season when the river recede. Many people around are also used to use this river for taking a bath, washing clothes, defecate and so on except when the river floods. In addition, the peoples are used for fishing.

In the dry season the peoples can cross the river by foot including the truck can run through for transporting sand and gravel


[23jun12St Panosogan 1]
^^ Karang Sambung
^^ Geological field camp


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